Graphic Design

Book Package Design


Joseph (Jozef) Becker

Graphic Designer

Production Artist

Professional Musician

Above are examples of both computer illustration and manual (pen and ink)

Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine Revered UK Alternative Music publication, relocated to the US

  • Art Director, Designer and Production Artist
  • Designed and produced the first US edition of British Alternative Music Magazine

School Portfolio

Page spread from and cover from Sonic Reducer Music Magazine

American Odyssey Revisionist History Book

  • The pages were "French-folded" and were to be cut open to read further texts
  • The exterior of each page related "white-washed" historical biographies 
  • The interior of each page contained actual, fact-based historical entries that presented
    ‚Äča different, often less complimentary but much more interesting and human story.